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The world’s easiest Plastic Fabrication  system!

The SIMWELD / ABS system is a new, cost-saving, DIY plastic fabrication system.

Examples of how the DIY SIMWELD fabrication process that can save you money:

If you are building a boat, tiny-house or campervan, you will need:

  • cabinets or lockers
  • water and waste tanks
  • battery boxes
  • gas bottle lockers
  • no bulky welding machines required, thus allowing you better access to confined spaces


Imagine how much money could be saved on labour costs if you built them yourself! Learn how to do plastic welding with our easy-to-follow guide to ABS plastic fabrication.
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 Why ABS Plastic Fabrication?


The Solvent Immersion Method of plastic Welding (SIMWELD) means you can fabricate plastic items yourself, at home.

The invention of this system has enabled a new horizon of opportunity for DIY enthusiasts and tradesmen alike.

The SIMWELD fabrication method applied in combination with ABS plastic sheet, can be used for the custom fabrication of articles such as, water and waste tanks, battery and electrical boxes, gas bottle lockers, cabinets and lockers for boats, campervans and tiny houses etc.

Plastic Welding at Home

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Plastic Fabrication

The SIMWELD ABS method of plastic fabricating is an innovative, easy-to-use, cost-effective and time-saving method of plastic fabrication. Only an average level of DIY competency, along with a few basic woodworking tools and skills, is required.
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Why is the SIMWELD/ABS Plastic Welding Method Unique?

  • The SIMWELD system is extremely easy to use.
  • Requires only basic hand tools used for plywood fabrication.
  • Items can be built in your garage.
  • No plastic welding experience is required.
  • No welding machinery is required
  • ABS will not rot and is waterproof.
  • ABS can be glued to other materials with epoxy.
  • ABS can be painted.
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Don’t Pay a Pro – Give it a Go!

The SIMWELD / ABS method of fabrication is cost effective. In addition, the ABS/ SIMWELD combination can be a viable substitute for fabricating articles usually constructed from particle board or plywood, aluminium, stainless steel, other plastic sheet or fiberglass.

ABS plastic (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is one of the most commonly used industrial plastics and it is a food grade plastic which can be recycled. It comes in various grades and colours and with specific specialised additives and qualities. Learn to create a product that is flexible, lightweight and perfectly suited for boating life.  ABS plastic withstands sea water, abrasive materials, petroleum products and is  more rigd and tougher than most other plastics.

ABS plastic is frequently used in industry for injection moulding and vacuum forming. It is an incredibly tough and impact resistant material and is commonly used for making hubcaps, bumpers, truck and ute canopies and linings, louvre panels, bus racks and helmets.

Furthermore, solvent welded ABS piping systems and fittings for industrial, chemical and household applications have been extensively used in the USA and Europe for many years.

Learn how to use the Simweld plastic fabrication system with our cost-effective and time-saving ABS plastic fabrication guide.