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Simweld Marine Services 

The marine services I offer are based on my experience as a boat builder and marine systems engineer.

Stainless Steel Fabrication

Marine Services:

Marine systems installation service such as:


Bow thruster installations

From cutting hull penetrations in wooden or fiberglass hulls and inserting bow thruster tubes, to fitting of bow thruster motors and propellers.

Pumps and valves

The servicing and or replacement of pumps and valves.

Sail drive installations

The installation of new sale drive units.

The re-assembly and installation of

Fittings and equipment after refits or repainting.


Air-conditioning units

The installations and plumbing of marine air-conditioning systems.

Plumbing systems

The installation and plumbing of black / grey / raw and fresh water tanks, including the construction of aluminium brackets

Boatbuilding Services:


Hull, deck and cabin repairs and modifications.


Repairs to hulls, decks or cabins.

Hull bulkhead and engine bearer repairs, modifications and alterations.

ABS Plastic Custom Fabrication:

Custom fabrication of the following ABS plastic articles:


  • Fresh water tanks
  • Black/grey water tanks
  • Diesel tanks 
  • Deck boxes
  • Battery boxes
  • Air-condition ducting
  • Hatches
  • Interior / exterior lockers and cabinets, and much more
ABS is one of the easiest plastics to handle, machine, paint, sand, glue or otherwise manipulate. Other benefits of products made of ABS plastic include:
  • Strong impact resistance
  • Strong heat resistance
  • High tensile strength
  • Shock absorbance
  • Scratch resistance
  • Low cost
Plastic Welding at Home

ABS Plastic

I am proud to offer you the option of paying a small fee to learn how to make these ABS plastic articles yourself and save a fortune on labour costs. 

Call 021-459-540 for more information.

Until now abs plastic custom fabrication was a secret process which had been tried and tested as a family concern, over the past 30 years. Learning how to do plastic welding using this fabrication system will enable you to build various articles from ABS plastic sheet.

Fabricating articles using the SIMWELD / ABS plastic fabrication system, results in a high quality, water-tight, tough and reliable product.

It’s simplicity will shock you!

Marine Services