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Marine Systems Engineer & Boatbuilder Auckland

My name is Robert Baron Knudsen (Rob), I offer contracting services in boat building and marine systems engineering.

I started out boat building in South Africa, where I worked on wooden and composite boats. In 1997 I immigrated to Norway and continued in this field for another 9 years. In 2006 I immigrated to New Zealand and for the past 12 years I have worked in both the marine systems engineering and boat building fields.

Quality Marine Repair

Abs Plastic Fabrication

In addition, I offer comprehensive ABS plastic fabrication and plastic welding services for custom made holding tanks, battery boxes, deck boxes, interior cabinetry, lockers etc.

My business is aptly named SIMWELD after the secret process of plastic fabrication, which was discovered in South Africa and developed into the present Kiwi patented plastic fabrication system.

Although I can easily fabricate these articles for you, I’m giving you the opportunity to learn how to do ABS plastic welding so you can do it at home. Save yourself a fortune on labour costs and build tanks, battery boxes, deck boxes, interior cabinetry and lockers yourself using my SIMWELD plastic fabrication system. Imagine, DIY plastic fabrication!

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It has been a dream of mine to offer my SIMWELD plastic fabrication system to the general public as a cost saving DIY alternative fabrication option.

Plastic Welding at Home

Imagine DIY plastic fabrication

Save Yourself a Fortune – Fabricate it Yourself!

ABS plastic sheet – easier to use than plywood!

Get The SIMWELD /ABS Plastic Fabrication Guide.

I am now offering my Kiwi patented SIMWELD fabrication method to you as a downloadable DIY instruction brochure for $95. This brochure features photographs and details the step-by-step process of how to use the SIMWELD method of ABS plastic fabrication. It also offers step-by-step instructions on how to build a custom-made ABS holding tank.

In many instances ABS and the SIMWELD system can be used as a substitute for fabricating articles that are generally tailor made from fiberglass, plywood, other plastic sheet, stainless steel, aluminium etc.

The SIMWELD fabrication method makes it viable to use ABS plastic sheet as a waterproof and tough plastic fabrication alternative.

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